Jeremy Corbyn's Exclusive Grime Party

Posted on 19 May 2017

Grime 4 Corbyn

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Whenever I hear politicians are trying to utilise social media I cringe in disbelief! As 9 times out 10, they are never themselves on there, and just overdo it! There’s something about Hilary Clinton’s desperate attempt to appeal to the young people of America that left a sour taste in our mouths! No, we do not want to see UK politicians doing the 'Mannequin Challenge' or 'Dabbing'. We just want them to get straight to the point! Tell us what you stand for, what you want to implement and how you’re going to do that. Whether we then choose to believe what you say, or believe that our vote will make a difference is an entirely different matter.

Jeremy Corbyn Snapchat

So, when news broke of Jeremy Corbyn having Snapchat and an Instagram account, I let out a loud ‘oh no’. I could just imagine him making a mockery of himself just like Hilary did. But so far it hasn’t been that bad. He’s managing to show people another side to him, without it compromising his character. His PR team have that spot on! As it doesn't look like he's trying too hard, it comes across like he's being himself.

Grime 4 Corbyn

Now the whole #Grime4Corbyn movement is quite amusing. Somehow, the UK Grime music scene has simultaneously decided to back Jeremy Corbyn. Even the 'Chicken Connoisseur' has jumped behind Corbyn. Hoping it will get more young people to register to vote. But the fact that somewhere in London this illusive ‘Secret Rave’ is taking place is quite interesting. Will there be political talks? Or will it be just like any normal party? I suppose the question I’m really asking is how does one acquire an invite? Should we DM Jeremy on Snapchat or Instagram?



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