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Hype Kids Clothing, Sliders & Accessories

Kids fashion has changed a lot over the last few years. Not only has children’s wear grown rapidly, but style choices have become much more varied. The industry has gone from mostly traditional, basic styles to unique, trendy pieces that will make your children the coolest kids on the block. Hype is just one of the brands to have contributed to transforming the scope of the children’s fashion market, providing kids with an opportunity to be bold and brave in what they wear.

A huge element of children’s clothing that has been previously criticised is the lack of diversity amongst gender when it comes to colours and styles. Hype have options for boys and girls, however, they have ensured that most of their styles are a unisex fit and style. By doing this, they go against the more traditional ideals within society, breaking down barriers and hopefully contributing to huge progress within the fashion industry and further.

About Hype

Starting in 2011, Hype entered the fashion market with bold styles and even bolder statements. They gained quick success and have shown significant growth ever since. Originally selling t-shirts, they now have a vast collection of staple fashion items including hoodies, jackets, backpacks and various branded accessories.

Daring colours and prints alongside a bold logo makes their brand extremely recognisable and everyone wants to be seen repping Hype.

Cool but practical

Hype brings something different than other clothing brands, especially for kids. Their garments and accessories are fun and bright but also cool and comfortable. It is important for kids to act like kids and this means being free to run around and have fun. Hype clothes are designed with this in mind. Made from light, breathable materials, they provide kids with comfort but also the desire for adventure.

With a range of sizes available, Hype can accompany your child all the way through their childhood, ensuring that they look their best.

Perfect for school

Backpacks, pencil cases and water bottles mean that they have cleverly reached another target market with back to school. School supplies don’t have to be dull and boring, kids everywhere will want to up their street cred by wearing Hype in the playground.

Plus, high quality means that anything you purchase will last throughout the whole school year, and beyond.

Here at UKK, we have plenty of options for men and women but don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the kids. Check out the latest styles we have to offer, providing the next generation with the confidence to express themselves through their clothes. Keep an eye out for updates and new releases too!

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