Mens NICCE Clothing

In an age of fast fashion, it can be easy to get caught up in the latest trends and affordable offers. Although appealing at first glance, when the most recent, up-to-date fashions are brought out with quick turnover, it can be easy for that lasting quality to get lost along the way.

NICCE’s ethos challenges this process to bring you lifetime essentials and subtle statements with high class. It can often be extremely beneficial to trust in a slightly higher price tag and reap the rewards of excellent materials and wear in your clothing. From comfy casual wear to smart, strong outwear, there is something for every personality and every occasion, so be sure to be a part of this constantly evolving, successful name.


Inspired by London’s culture and emerging music scene, NICCE was born in 2013 and quickly became popular with its street, yet contemporary designs. The brand is less about following trends and more about providing high quality and classic, timeless pieces that will last. This evolutionary approach brings something different but current to the fashion industry and will for sure make a mark.

Wardrobe staples

Everyone needs a handful of staple basics in their wardrobe to form the base of each outfit. These can vary from a simple white tee, a good quality hoodie, black jeans, white trainers, and much more. By creating a fairly plain yet put together base, you can then add your trend or statement pieces on top of this. Whether it be a bold colour or more stylised item, this is where you can bring in your own personal style and individuality. NICCE have a whole range of simple yet stylish t-shirts that will go with almost anything and last a lifetime.

Make a statement

Although NICCE is all about clean minimalism, this doesn’t mean that they don’t like to make a statement. Bold muted colours and prints allow you to add something interesting to your outfit but with a unique subtlety. The overall vibe of this brand is cool but classy and their pieces represent exactly that. If a reflective jacket or pastel green mac sounds like a bit of you, check out the latest NICCE jackets and coats we have available here at UKK.

Stay updated to see the latest NICCE pieces we are bringing you, perfect for those who embody casual but sophisticated style.

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