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Berghaus Jackets


Founded in 1966 by two keen climbers, Berghaus quickly became one of the leading names in outdoor clothing and accessories. Infuriated by the limitations of the current climbing resources available, these two friends decided to set about in creating what was about to become a huge step forward in the outwear product industry.

Berghaus had their first major success after years of working on an innovation for rucksack design. Adding frames to the bags was quickly followed by adjustable support and breathable panels, features which are now fundamental elements for the climbing backpacks we see today. Berghaus didn’t stop at equipment though and continued to push the market with more outerwear breakthroughs. In 1977 they became the first company to use GORE-TEX® across their products. This waterproofing technology advanced their products further, making them guaranteed to be waterproof and windproof, whilst still allowing them to be breathable. This development soon led to more innovative designs, including the Yeti® Gaiter. Created by Berghaus in 1979 this hiking accessory soon became a signature piece for the brand. The durable and secure design of the gaiter allows walkers and climbers protection from both moisture and debris they may encounter. These gaiters have not been a key element in any hiker’s kit for year, including for mountaineer, Sir Chris Bonington!

Berghaus want to inspire people to get outdoors and be active, but they also want to help encourage a sustainable change in the world. MADEKIND™ is the pledge to a sustainable, ethical and accountable approach to their production process, demonstrating their commitment to making the change for a better future.

Not only that but Berghaus products come with the added element of a lifetime guarantee! With a key message of ‘Reuse Not Replace’ this guarantee is another step in helping climate change. Berghaus will work to repair items, allowing them to stay with you and out of landfills for many years to come.

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