Djinns Trainers


It’s not where you take it from but where you take it to.

Individual, diverse, trendy, Djinns has everything a keen trendsetter could be looking for to add to their everyday streetwear collection. The German based brand set up in 2001 wanting to create signature styles using only the highest quality fabrics. The huge importance of this factor now leads to the comfort that Djinns brings to its customers, making their styles easy to wear for everyday street looks without losing that all important trendy feel.

Quickly growing in the fashion world, Djinns is already famous for their unique baseball caps and snapbacks and have now opened the doors and dipped into sneaker market, pushing to make their staple trainers credited within the ever growing street style industry. With streetwear appearing not only as an everyday city look but now as a current catwalk trend, more varieties of headwear, trainers and backpacks are becoming available, but Djinns are working at the top of their game, bringing to you unusual unique looks not seen anywhere else, each item eye catching, individual and having an emphasis on the detailed designs.

Collaborating with artists such as Emil Kosak, BüroDestruct, Henry Obasi and many others, Djinns has mixed ideas opening up new possibilities for their diverse ranges and giving them a true creative edge on every one of their pieces.

Djinns provides a look for everyone, whether you want to stand out with bold, daring styles or keep a more laid back attitude to your look, there is something to fit all. With everything having sturdy workmanship, an eye for detail and at a great value for money, you’ll have all the essentials to become the new trendsetter on the streets of your local city.

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