Farah Clothing


Like many of the US’s well known ‘heritage’ brands, Farah has an undeniable history dating back to its inception in 1920’s El Paso, Texas. The business was set up by Mansour Farah, a Lebanese immigrant, and his wife Hana. Initially making men’s shirts, their range quickly expanded and in the 1930’s the brand started manufacturing overalls, denim pants and other workwear and work clothing. The word spread and they gained a reputation for producing quality goods.

Upon Mansour’s death in 1937 the business was taken over by his two sons James & William. James took charge of the administrative duties and William was in charge of production. Under their stewardship sales grew season after season, year after year as Farah developed from an anonymous Military and Mail Order contractor to a brand well recognised across the whole of America.

The Farah company was incorporated in 1947 and in the in the early 1960s the brothers developed their signature product; inexpensive, durable, permanently pressed trousers or slacks as they were known in the US.

Despite slowly beginning to make an appearance the UK in the 1940’s, it wasn’t until the 1970’s that the brand was wholly adopted internationally. Freshly stocked with its signature product; inexpensive, durable, permanently pressed slacks, the brand reputation was impressively enhanced after being loved and worn by Chuka and Dubem Okonkwo. ‘Chet and Joe’ as they were known were the high level ‘influencers’ of their day and were known as the Islington trendsetter twins.

As North London style icons, the pair were idolised by many of the younger generation for their cool, snappy dress sense, laid back attitude and their obsession with the upper class. The pair were often spotted in the Farah hopsack trousers in a range of colours and this placed Farah Vintage as a staple amongst the Mod and Skinhead scenes of the time ensuring the brand’s cult status was assured.

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