Gandys Flip Flops


Gandys flip flips have an amazing back story and UKK are proud to be official UK stockists of this great brand. The company founders, Rob and Paul Forkan, are two brothers from Croydon, South London who were brought up by adventurous, bohemian parents. In 2001 their parents, Kevin and Sandra, decided to leave their comfortable life in the UK and made plans to travel the world along with their two sons. Friends and family thought they were mad but their compassionate and adventurous nature was leading them to Asia to travel, explore and most importantly work with several humanitarian projects.

After time spent in India the family headed on Sri Lanka but little did they know that this trip would change their lives forever. On Boxing Day morning in 2004, a huge tsunami hit the coast of Sri Lanka caused by a huge under sea earthquake and amongst the tens of thousands of people killed were Rob and Paul's parents, Kevin and Sandra.

Devastated by their loss the boys returned to London and with the support of family and friends managed to start rebuilding their lives. After completing their education in the UK the brothers decided to continue the world trip they had started with their parents and travelled extensively to locations including Bali, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. Upon their return to the UK, Rob and Paul were determined to try and honour their parents and endeavoured to find some positives from the tragedy and they set their mind on trying to help people in developing countries.

Whilst at a festival with friends in 2004, Rob woke up with 'a mouth like Gandys flip-flop' and as if by magic the Gandys idea was born. They really wanted to create a brand that represented the values that their beloved parents had instilled in them and to try and build a company that they really believed in. They decided that a great idea would be to use a percentage of the companys profits in order to build orphanages in the developing world. This was a great gesture in honour of their beloved parents and the Gandys company slogan Orphans for Orphans was born.

The Gandys range has grown greatly in the past 2 years and their selection now includes the Original flip flops in a multitude of colours, an array of fantastic prints from Maps, Butterfly, Oriental Petals and Leopard prints to the stylish Stamps imprint. This seasons collection is the best yet as the brand continues to go from strength to strength.

Gandys are fast becoming the coolest flip-flop on the market and they now feature in some of the best publications including around including Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and The Guardian. It also seems that various celebrities are queuing up to be seen wearing their Gandys footwear including Jessica Alba, Example, Niall Horan and Richard Branson, who all back the Orphans for Orphans campaign. This year expect further exclusive collaborations including tie-ups with both Liberty of London and young fashion brand Serge Denimes, both of which will be available here at UKK - The Purveyors of Kool.

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