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Who said kids couldn’t be on-trend? In the past, childrenswear has been fairly traditional, keeping to gender-specific colours and quite plain, boring styles. However, over the last few years, this end of the fashion industry has seen huge growth, allowing kids to also dress super stylish and follow current trends.

With so many more options available on the market these days, parents and children may feel a little overwhelmed when shopping online. However, shopping from a brand that offers a little bit of everything is a great place to start. From t-shirts and sliders to accessories and even lunchboxes, Hype certainly fits this bill and you won’t regret it!

About Hype

Hype believe in pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers, and that includes wearing whatever you like. In fact, the reason they became so popular is down to their bold statements and tongue in cheek slogans, bringing something to the industry that hadn’t been seen before. We agree that this is super important too, especially for kids just finding their feet in the world and figuring out exactly how they want to portray themselves.

Pretty cool

Gone are the days when the only girls’ clothing options were pink, pretty, floral pieces. Of course, there may be times when this is what you’d choose, however, there are so many more options nowadays, allowing teens to strike that balance between cool and cute.

Hype operate with style in mind, not gender, designing many of their pieces in a more unisex fit rather than separating boys from girls. A brand that allows kids to be whoever they choose, whether you want to be more girly and wear pink one day, or rep a street style look in an all grey tracksuit and camo tee the next, Hype have you covered.

Ready for anything

With such a variety of clothing available, Hype offers something for every occasion. From stylish t-shirts for a fun day out with friends, to leggings and shorts for that upcoming sports tournament, Hype will have you ready for anything and ensure you look good doing it.

Don’t compromise on comfort though! Kids want nothing more than to feel free and comfy, whether they are just chilling at home or going to a friend’s house. Hype have plenty of options for cool but cosy loungewear, at an affordable price point and of high quality.

Shop online or check out the full UKK Hype collection for the coolest styles and boldest statements.

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