Kids Hype Lunchboxes

Everyone needs a lunchbox but who said a lunchbox couldn’t be on trend? Hype has got you covered! Our range of kids Hype lunchboxes come in a range of abstract colours and designs, allowing your children to let their bold personalities shine through whilst repping a popular brand.

About Hype

Hype was established in 2011, with its flagship store in London opening back in the summer of 2013. A trendy, bold and colourful brand we have all grown to love, Hype has continued to grow in popularity since then and now sells a vast collection of men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing, shoes and accessories. They sell pretty much everything you can imagine from a fashion brand, all in an array of different colours and trendy prints you’re bound to love.

The kids Hype range are all made in standard unisex shapes, ideal for boys, girls and gender neutral. There’s also a boys and girls edit to explore.

Ideal for school

Lunchboxes are a definite school essential, whether being used to store packed lunches or to carry an after school snack if there’s sporting activities on at the end of the day.

Hype’s standard lunchbox size measures 22cm x 20cm x 10cm, the perfect fit for your kids’ packed lunch. Hype lunchboxes also feature a mesh bottle compartment ideal for storing your water bottle, as well as a handy front compartment with a zip.

Hype lunchboxes feature trending designs from their backpack collection, so why not get the whole package and turn up to school in style with a matching lunchbox, backpack and pencil case. There’s a whole range of styles to pick from so your children’s lunchbox can really stand out from the crowd. What’s not to love?

Fun collabs

Hype are also known for their cool collabs with popular franchises, including Disney, Pokémon, Jurassic Park, Star Wars and more. Keep an eye out for their limited-edition lunchbox collabs, including the Disney Minnie Leopard and the Disney Buzz Lightyear lunchbox. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss out!

Take a look at the rest of the Hype kids clothing, shoes and accessories we currently have on offer here at UKK. Keep an eye out for new releases each season too!


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