King Apparel Caps


King Apparel is a British grown brand, born and raised in the streets of East London over 12 years ago. Independently owned and run, King Apparel has grown through quality and hard work and it’s no wonder they have earned a lot of respect and become one of the leaders in British streetwear.

Just a year in since the brand started up they were able to get UK Hip Hop and Grime pioneers Sway and Crazy Titch to feature in their first advertising campaigns in RWD Magazine. The following year Brit Award winner, Plan B was endorsed into the King Affiliates team as they launch their first ever King Affiliates Mix CD.

A couple of years after starting up the brand and being stocked in independent stores their first ever independent King Apparel website goes live. Following that, in 2009 they open their first retail Pop Up store in Covent Garden which sees hundreds turn up for live sets by the likes of Gangstarr, Virus Syndicate and DJ IQ.

You can definitely say King Apparel has grown and grown over the years, there’s no doubt about it. In under 10 years they were set to go global as they licensed a deal to build an international presence.

When it comes to quality King Apparel doesn’t shy away, the clothing is designed in-house from the ground up and they use the finest materials, their T-shirt’s are produced using 180gsm combed cotton with a bespoke cut and sew side seam construction, providing you with a guarantee to never twist, shrink or fade.

King Apparel tracksuit bottoms feature an elasticated waist and cuffs and are perfect to match up with other sweats to customise your own tracksuit sets. They are produced using the finest 300gsm double faced fleece to make the comfiness and quality of jogging bottoms that much better.

The brands snapbacks are created in the classic construction and of course have no compromise on quality as with the whole collection.

King Apparel has been going from strength to strength and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop anytime soon, nor would we want them to.

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