Only & Sons Clothing


Presenting this season’s menswear, a collection filled with character and style, ONLY & Sons blends the timeless and the classic with the unexpected and the bold. Filled with a vast array of shirts, knits, jeans, t-shirts and jackets, ONLY & Sons bring a mix of simple and uncomplicated designs with high quality craftsmanship. This concept enables YOU the wearer to turn your favourites into the latest trends. What fits your life? What rules do you make, or break?

Following in the success of ONLY womenswear, ONLY & Sons follow the same mantra. This brand is all about individual uniqueness. A follower of the trends but unconventional in the execution of style, the ONLY & Sons guy has the knack of making the perfect look just happen, cool & effortlessly.

The brand achieve that rare feet of fusing traditional knits, flannel shirts and modern distressed sweats with high quality denim. The range is perfect for the young urban professional with style and understated attitude.

Our current favourite is the Kole Crew Neck Knitted Jumper. With chunky plait knit front, fine knit sleeves and back. This jumper could scream old school, but the funky modern neckline gives it an edge blending the old with the new in seamless style. Team this with a classic shirt and jeans with your own individual signature.

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