Original Geek Clothing


The Manchester based Original Geek Clothing brand hit the ground running at the beginning of 2012 with their strong line of graphic printed tees and tops . OG create all their garments around a simple set of guidelines and these are: Quality - for example the t-shirts are all made with 100% high quality cotton. Style - whatever variety of top you go for, be it sweat, t-shirt or vest top, Original Geeks attention to detail and fit will make you the most stylish person in the room. Uniqueness - undeniably, as OGC's clothes feature standout and provocative girlie prints to the front. These eye catching, sexy designs drew the attention of British singer, actress, writer and model Louise Cliffe who fronted the brand, literally! Appearing on many of Original Geeks early line of t-shirts and vests this naturally caught the attention of music, TV and sports stars here in the UK and across the pond in the USA.

Our OG collection easily shows off what makes this brand unique, with attention grabbing graphic prints featuring their trademark combination of cool, attractive girls, iconic geek glasses in stylised photographic prints and perfectly fitted quality mens tops and tees. A perfect example of this stand out style is the Original Geek Basketball T-Shirt. This tee was one of our most popular designs and featured a wide crew neck for comfort and looks, soft roll back sleeves if you want to show off your pecks and of course the large graphic print to the front to complete the look and get you noticed.

It's not only t-shirts that have had the Original Geek treatment as they now have a great range of vests, hoodies and sweats making OG something for any occasion. OGC vests feature some of the same prints as the tees but with some exclusive photography these fantastic mens tops are great for the gym, over a sweatshirt or hoodie and especially on its own in the sun on your summer holiday. Another eye catching and versatile garment is the Original Geek mens sweatshirt with its soft cotton feel and unique fit, these classic mens sweats are ready for any situation and will stand you out from the crowd like no one else.

Without missing a step, Original Geek have skyrocketed from their humble beginnings in Manchester, UK to a globally loved brand. OG clothing is now seen everywhere even on TV shows such as very well known reality show Towie and in the music scene with names such as FloRida and Pitbull representing the Geek in their music videos. We have also seen Meek Mill in the Swivel tee in one of his videos. However, its not just in music videos the brand has been featured as the likes of Wiz Khalifa have been rocking an OGC tee at the hugely popular Wireless festival in 2014. Manchester City footballers Sergio Aguero and David Silva have also been seen sporting some cool Original Geek clothing.

With a following like that we think we can expect to see a lot more of the Original Geek Clothing brand in the near future and so if you want to join in then we here at UK Kolours have exactly what you need to get kitted out and ready for 2015 and beyond.

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