Sprayground Backpacks


Sprayground are the hottest new brand in striking mens backpacks and rucksacks which are technically designed for your on the go lifestyle. They are designed by people who live out of their backpacks for people who live out of their backpacks. In other words Sprayground really appreciate what their customers want and need from their rucksacks and endeavour to make sure that all possible boxes are ticked when it comes to cutting edge design.

Since its inception several years ago Spraygrounds founder David Ben-David has seen his fledgling creation grow and grow. The constant innovation and creativity in design and style has propelled the company into 'the' must-have brand in designer backpacks and laptop bags in the USA and now in the UK. The label was at the centre of the recent 'bag renaissance' that has seen mens bags as not just an accessory but as a canvas that can deliver cutting edge design and can show the users individuality like never before. Now a truly global brand they can now be seen in exclusive boutiques and online stores across the world from London to Paris to Hong Kong and Sydney and they don't look like they will be slowing down any time soon.

David Ben-David, affectionately nicknamed DBD, grew up in Miami and has taken inspiration from the city's notorious graffiti scene to use in many of his most popular creations. Co-signs from legendary street-artists from New York has seen the brand gain an even more dedicated following and has gained them a reputation for constantly updating and producing distinct and exclusive designs. Sprayground bags and rucksacks are now collectors items for many as they produce limited numbers of each design. The brand maintains its devotion to street art through a fashion-focused aesthetic, innovative designs, and collaborations with internationally known artists such as the singer Chris Brown.

Aside from the cutting edge designer prints, what also sets Sprayground apart from their rivals is the quality of the materials used and the features of the rucksacks themselves. Each bag is made out of durable 900d water-resistant fabric and pack several hidden features inside to make sure you get serious value for money. Some of the internal features include a velour sunglasses compartment, a large hidden back compartment, the notorious stash pocket and a velour laptop sleeve compartment amongst many other features. The backpacks come with Adjustable straps for custom sizing and specially designed reinforced SBS Zippers and shoulder straps which means that your bag will stand the test of time. All this means that not only will your bag look incredible, it will also feel and function brilliantly.

Here at UKK we are official stockists of Sprayground bags and we receive regular shipments from the USA so you can rest assured that you can find the latest styles and designs from this rapidly growing, top quality rucksack brand here in the UK.

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