Miss Babe Clothes


Chloe Brockett, of The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) fame, has always been passionate about style and making a fashion influence. Her brand Miss Babe is all about dressing to look sassy and feeling empowered by the curves of your body. Inspired by both the Kardashian vibe and her own hourglass figure, Chloe wanted to create a brand which celebrates her own style and body.

The collections simplistic colour palette features the nude, natural skin tones, mixed in with bolder black and white seam details.  The positioning of these contour seams have been carefully thought through, drawing your eye in and accentuating the natural curves of the body. With soft stretchy fabrics contrasting against chunky metal hardware, these figure-hugging designs have the perfect masculine/feminine combination. The buckles and chunky zip features are eye catching from across the room, allowing your eyes to then be drawn towards the intricate seam designs.

The brand features a range of products including blazers, flared trousers and bodycon dresses. These designs create the perfect outfit for a glam night out. There is also the option for something more causal, with cycling shorts and hoodies, giving the option to wear the collection around the clock.

Chloe has worked closely with her team of designers, following her creative vision to produce ‘Miss Babe’. Shop the hottest new styles from her collection on UKK today.

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